Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Guy That Made Her Distrust Men…Who Conveniently Came Before You. Why She's So Salty.

The Stand Up (The Dead Beat)
This guy always makes plans and makes the most minimal efforts to see them through. He treats her like the 2nd or 3rd option. This guy talks a good game but when it comes down to backing it up he's either nowhere to be found or making up some excuse as to why he came up short. This makes a woman see men as undependable and dependability is key to all women no matter what their type. If they feel they can't depend on you then they don't trust too much of anything you say. This feeling can be avoided early on if you just stick to your word. 
No one likes to be stood up (men included). Different situations trigger different emotions and it seems being stood up seems to trigger the same one for women. Intentionally standing a girl up not only pisses her off but let's her know that you could care less about your time. This usually happens at the beginning of a friendship or relationship so it is essential that men keep their word at these points. It wastes the girls time, yes, but there's also a feeling of rejection whether you apologize for it or not. You may say you didn't intentionally stand the girl up but if you did nothing to prevent it then it's all the same to her. Guys make sure to keep your word and if you truly can't make it be sure to let her know. It's better to be let down easily than dropped on your ass. 

The Cheater
This guy's made her feel like crap perhaps over and over again. He's done the unthinkable and though it may be her fault for possibly staying with him as long as she did (if she knew of course) she's still had a significant amount of damage done to her trust skills. If she's like every other woman scorned, she's determined never to let it happen again. So before she even begins to think that you could be the same type, assure her that you are not with more than words. If you don't want her to think you would cheat don't do things that cheaters do. She knows a cheater's habits from past experiences so she'll innately be suspicious of any behavior. If you think she won't like it or you don't want her doing it you probably should stop. 
Now let's be real, some women are just lost causes and there's absolutely nothing you can do sometimes, but that's your problem not mine. 

The Liar
Now it's easy to become this guy and it's even easier not to. No one likes being lied to. Why am I even wasting time on this one? If tons of guys have lied to her of course she's not going to trust so easily. It's more work for you but she'll appreciate it in the end when she finally sees the truth you should be telling her. 

The Ladies Man
Let's keep it funky, women talk a little too much. I don't at all condone the behavior of sharing information about who you're seeing or sleeping with, but it happens. Therefore when a man becomes known for trying a little too hard to charm the ladies it doesn't take long for women to figure out the game. The ladies man has a lot of female "friends" that he's "cool" with and whether they're sleeping together or not it sure seems that way to the untrained eye. This WILL ruin a relationship if it even gets that far and a woman will rightfully be uncomfortable with her partner or courter being too popular with other women. 
Know your boundaries and respect her so that she won't see you as the ladies man no woman wants to waste time on. 

Mr. Mind Game 
For some reason there are guys lurking around playing mind games with women. This man seems perfect but either he's scared or just stupid and can't fully commit to the idea of taking the next step with a girl. He can tell her how he feels about everything but their relationship. He can take her out in public and look like they're a happy couple but he just can't seal the deal. For about an hour or two this can be cute if it's done right. After awhile it gets old. This man flip flops from friend-friend to special friend. He sweet talks her like he wants her to be his lady but then tells her how much he wants to keep the friendship "alive." Personally I want this phase of man to die a slow death but that's because I have a strict "we gon' bone or what?" rule during courtship. This man is the most confusing of them all because he makes it impossible to move forward. By the time you're fed up and choose to leave him alone he's usually the one that calls 2 weeks after the fact to finally spill his feelings. This is flattering but upsetting because by that it's too late. 
Guys, this type of man is frightening and you should be careful that you don't become any form of him. Tell her how you feel from jump and she won't suspect you to be the type of crazy associated with Mr. Mind Game. 

Don't Let ANY of these men be you or be prepared to be brought up in the weekly discussion on bitch niggas by your female counterparts. 

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