Friday, May 6, 2011


I've sat on this subject for a few days now mostly because at first, I thought it was no big deal. Of course, playful conversations with friends and peers became serious the more information I gathered. After watching hours of news anchors talking about what they know and sometimes don't know about the killing of Osama Bin Laden, I've come to a point where I'm saddened by our country's reaction and content state facing this hallmark in history. I'll admit I got riled up after a friend showed me the iconic photo of Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, and many others' reaction. Some faces looked stunned and others not so much. However, I think the photo represents the opinions of Americans. I've found some are happy about the killing, most are content with what they've been told, and then there are those like me. Before I go into what I think  let me explain to you what I mean by "content with what they've been told." Being okay with Osama Bin Laden's capture and the fact that he had to be killed according to what our government has told us is not the problem. It's those minds that did not second guess the motives and actions. Those that cannot see the harm that has been done and possibility of suffering for mankind because of the actions taken place. Those minds are the ones that sadden me and bring me to a certain level of discomfort. I'm not saying I don't understand those people. I understand whole-heartedly that it's what people have learned. It's common knowledge that the government may not always tell the truth, or that in "war" we must protect ourselves. However, this "shoot first and ask questions later" attitude that our culture has taught us is not knowledge at all. It's ignorance. It is not helping anyone but building the opportunity for suffering.

Now when this subject comes up around people I either get a positive response, negative, or none at all. The response to my concerns that stuck with me most was sayings like "This is how war works" or "This is just how it's done." You would think comments like that would shut me up but it only fueled the fire for me. I understand how war works and what has to be done sometimes. However, I don't completely see what was done as an act of war. Over the years this manhunt became more and more irrelevant to me. Why? Because there were way more important things going on and I refuse to allow the media to skew my attention towards what we all know is propaganda. Secondly, because it was a modern day witch-hunt I assumed we were above it and would eventually come to our senses. Thousands died during the search for this one man, and if we're being logical, it makes no sense. Was this for the greater good? If so, who's good are we talking about?

My thoughts on this subject are scattered due to my passionate attitude, but my thoughts are complete without holes and more than I can say about the thoughts and opinions of representatives. Let's reflect on what happened shall we: A man was murdered because he was the leader of a group with radical views and seen as a threat. Does that sound familiar to anyone? You can call it a capture, a killing, but what really happened was an assassination and I doubt we as a culture figure out the difference in this decade.

Our values as a nation are what keeps us so content in situations like this. It's learned values that won't allow us to take a step back and analyze what's really happening; to humble ourselves enough to recognize that "problems" are not solved by violence but passed on. We need to realize that Osama Bin Laden was only a leader. He was not the parasite, but the host. The values he lived by are not gone with him. If anything they have been heightened for whoever is next in line to take his place.

I'm not saying that we must change how we feel about Osama Bin Laden, but as people we must change how we feel about our solutions. If we accept it as how it should be done things will get worse. I say it's time to start second guessing. I may not be the one to change things but if we think outside of how we've been taught, knowledgable minds may over time provide solutions for change. Those that speak of revolution, quote Gil Scott Heron, tweet about injustice, the first step towards changing things is changing our values through education. Humans are not responsible for their values, they are LEARNED. Change what is being taught.

Before writing this I was discouraged for my country. I was saddened that the majority of who we are can't find the error in what has happened. It also made me uncomfortable knowing that I shared space and knew some that can't see what is perceived as a "problem" for a human being. It was when I saw a man by the name of Jacque Fresco speak on the subject that my thoughts were put into perspective. Take a look at these quotes and reflect:

"We reflect our culture... Osama Bin Laden is dead but the value system that produced him is not. It's quite alive. That goes for the Nazi's, the Ku Klux Klan, the White Citizens Counsel. The value system is still alive. What is needed is not assassinations. Not murder, not killing. No armies or navies to 'solve problems.' What is really needed is a change in our values."
"Erroneous values can cause unbelievable suffering amongst people. And we, our nation, like other nations are mentally like children that do not have answers. That do not have solutions to problems. Whereby, many solutions of violence and they do not solve problems. What is really needed is a change in values... By change in values I mean living in accordance with the natural capacity. That is the caring capacity of the earth."
"I think that a solution takes longer. Of course, a sane solution takes many years. That is, to arrive at a value system that supports nature, the earth and all the people that live on this earth... And you cannot solve problems by killing people. Although most of you believe that revenge is sweet. It is only sweet to the naive and childlike attitudes. Whereby, we feel good when we get rid of a certain person. Identify with the problem. That does not solve the problem. If you yourselves as Americans, were brought up in that country where those values are dominant, you will support those values. It isn't killing people that solves problems. It's outgrowing values that no longer work." 

                                                                                                         - Jacque Fresco

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